Services and Facilities

Our number one priority is the health and well-being of your horse!

The stable hours are 7 AM to 9 PM seven days a week.

  1. We feed grain and hay twice a day. (8 AM / 5 PM)
    We feed Southern States pellets 11%, 16%, and Triple Crown Senior.
    We feed Burmuda and Fescue grass hay and alfalfa pellets or cubes.
  2. Salt and water are always available for all horses.
  3. Stall buckets are hung chest-high and kept full.
  4. All horses are turned out daily into pens or pasture.
  5. Stalls are cleaned after turn out and sawdust is added as needed.
  6. We have locked tack rooms for customers' equipment.
  7. Hitching rails are plentiful for tacking up and washing your horse.
  8. We offer riding trails through hay fields, woods, and mountains.
  9. We offer our covered riding arena for pleasure riding and lessons.
  10. We have ample horse trailer parking at no charge.
  11. We offer riding lessons, horse training, and special clinics.
  12. We offer private or group riding lessons.
  13. Customers must maintain health certificates showing your horse has been vaccinated for Eastern and Western Sleeping Sickness, Influenza, West Nile, Strangles, and Rhino when coming to board at our facility. You must always have a current negative Coggins as well.
  14. Horses' feet must be trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Customers must arrange for farrier and veterinarian work to be done for your horse, and all billing is direct to the customer. We can help hold your horse if you can't be there when they come.
  15. Horses must be wormed every eight weeks.
  16. Blanketing your horse is your option, but you cannot put a blanket on your horse and forget about it. You can hang the blanket on the stall door.



Monthly Boarding Fees

Stable $450.00
Stallions (Limited) $550.00
Paddock $350.00
Wet Mares $300.00

Riding Lesson

English and Western Disciplines $45.00

Training Fees

Complete Services $550.00 ($45/hour)

Daily Services

Lounging $20.00
Grooming $20.00
Hosing Off $10.00
Washing and Conditioning Mane and Tail $25.00
Holding for Vet or Farrier $20.00
Riding $35.00
Doctoring Feet $20.00
Changing Bandages $20.00
Dispensing Medicine $10.00
Local Transporting $75.00
Over-Night Boarding (Stable) $30.00
Over-Night Boarding (Stall) $20.00
Clipping (Head and Feet) $35.00