Meet the Cornetts

Meet Jack and Joyce Cornett!

Jack and Joyce were married Oct 4, 1943. He served in the South Pacific with the Army Air Corps during World War II. The GI Bill and a lot of hard work got Jack an Oregon State College Bachelor of Science Degree in 1949 and then a Master degree in 1952. He finished while working as Plant Superintendent of Safeway's Superior Cheese Company in Myrtle Point Oregon. At the same time, Jack and Joyce had 3 kids in 1949, 1950 and 1952.

From 1952-1965 Jack worked with Foremost International. There Dr. Grover Turnbow had developed a method for reconstituting surplus US milk powder and butterfat oil. The process included pasteurizing, homogenizing and packaging the reconstituted product in regular milk cartons. They also made ice cream, novelties, cottage cheese, and many other products in 27 different countries, many of which were third-world. Jack worked all over and the family of five lived in Guam M.I., Yokohama Japan, Bangkok Thailand, and Buenos Aires Argentina. In 1964, the family moved to the United States to give the kids some American schooling. After one year in the Berkley, CA area with 3 teenagers, they decided a move was a good idea.

In 1965 Jack, Joyce, and the kids left Foremost International for a job with the Kroger Company in Cincinnati Ohio. Jack started as dairy plant manager. From there Jack went on a series of promotions. Next came dairy food division manager, then manager of all Kroger manufacturing (40-some plants). He then became a corporate officer in 1974, followed by Group Vice-President, then Senior Vice-President. He was then elected to Board of Directors in 1982 and finally Vice Chairman. Tragically, Jack suffered a major heart attack and had to endure a 5-way by-pass! He however persevered and had quick and full recovery.

In 1984, Jack took early retirement and Jack and Joyce moved to "The Cornett Ranch" in Ellijay, GA. They purchased 200 acre horse ranch for our retirement in 1982. Oldest son Michael and his family had already moved to Ellijay from Florida, as had daughter Cheryl and her husband from Greenville, SC. Youngest son Ron and his family had moved to Atlanta from Denver. Jack and the three kids had always loved horses, so the ranch was natural for them and a dream come true. They came to see the place, loved it and stayed.

The Cornett's built the beautiful 200 acres into a major quarter-horse breeding operation in a matter of years. For the hard work and loyalty to the horse breeding business, the Georgia Quarter Horse Breeder of the Year Trophy awarded each year is "The Jack Cornett Memorial Trophy." Jack spent 40 years behind a desk as a hard working and revolutionary businessman. After which he enjoyed 9 great years in Ellijay with his beautiful wife, and wonderful children and grand-children. In Ellijay, he much like his father and his father's father, could be a simple farmer. Jack was a horse, cattle and hay farmer. However tragedy struck the entire family with his death on September 26, 1991. He died from a very large and fast-growing brain tumor. God bless Jack Cornett for giving his family a wonderful life and living an American dream.

"Of all our 31 moves during our life together, this was the only move made just for us, simply because we loved it!" - Joyce Cornett