Price List

Ordering Lamb, Chicken, and Eggs


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When you order half a lamb, you get the following: 1 hind leg (either bone-in, boned or in-leg kabobs); 1 loin in chops; the rack (whole or in chops); the shanks (whole or ground); the shoulder (whole, boned, or large chunks of stew meat); ground lamb; liver, heart, kidneys, and stew bones are optional. It will weigh approximately 20 lbs. and take up just under a cubic foot of freezer space. It costs $7.00 per pound.

When you order a whole lamb, you get double this amount (about 40 lbs. of meat) for $7.00 per pound. The half or whole lamb with all parts individually cut and wrapped is $8.00 per pound.

You can pick up your order the day we bring it back from the processing plant. If we are to ship it to you UPS Ground, it will be frozen and shipped in a styrofoam container with dry ice. Call for shipping costs to your house.