The Cornett Ranch Buyers Club


Hello, we are Michael and Janie Cornett and we've formed a Buyers Club for the Cornett Ranch here in Ellijay, Georgia; through which we are introducing Community Supported Agriculture.

Besides breeding and training horses for the last 28 years here in Gilmer County, we have been farming and developing a program of organic, sustainable agriculture raising vegetables, pasture-fed sheep, cattle, chickens, and other fowl. The Cornetts have traditionally been cattlemen since the early 1800s in Shed, Oregon where the original Cornett Ranch was located. Jack Cornett made his name as Vice-Chairman of the Kroger Company, where he started in the Dairy Division.

Janie with Lamb and Serge

Janie started raising sheep while training her border collie, Serge, and has always kept various chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and other fowl running around the barnyard.

Now we are offering to sell by the pound all-natural, pasture-fed lamb and chicken that were born and raised on the ranch and soon we shall be offering beef and turkey as well. The reasons we raise pasture-fed animals are that not only is their meat superior in quality and taste, but it's lean, more tender, finer-grained, and has a much more delicate flavor; plus it's more wholesome and better for you than the cheaper factory-raised meat that you buy at the grocery store.

The Benefits of Pasture-Fed Meat

To join our Buyers Club, email us and we'll keep you up-to-date with our monthly e-newsletter about what's available and when you can pick it up. Please join with us, and let's work together to produce top quality food that is locally grown and economically beneficial to you and to our ranch. We offer vegetables and herbs in season as well.