There’s Always More to Learn

Misty at the gate - ready for her lesson
Misty at the gate – ready for her lesson

 As all riders know – there’s always more to learn – even if you’ve been riding for years. 

In today’s lesson, Janie Cornett went back to the basics to help our rider gain confidence on her own horse.   Ground work is a great tool to use to make sure that every time you ride, your horse is focused on you as the leader. 

As Janie says “if your horse isn’t doing what you ask when you’re on the ground, it won’t get any better when you’re in the saddle”.  She demonstrated some easy-to-learn techniques that our rider was excited to practice next time she rides.

Once “Misty” was paying attention and willingly doing what she was asked, our rider mounted and Janie worked with her on asking Misty to stop in stages.  This method teaches Misty to pay attention to her rider’s commands and she begins to learn that the sooner she responds to what is asked of her, the gentler the “ask” is.  If she ignores the commands, the “ask” gets stronger.  Her rider learns to ask in stages.  This teaches the rider to not get in a “tug-of-war” with their horse –  a battle we never win when a horse weights 1,000 pounds! 

 Winter time is a great time to take lessons and refresh your skills in preparation for summer time riding and competition.   Cornett Ranch has a large covered arena and a grass arena.  You can take lessons on your own horse or one of theirs.  Call Janie for details – 706- 889-8080

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