Enjoying a Winter Trail Ride

 The leaves might be gone and there’s a chill in the air, but winter time has a beauty of its own, made all the more special when you can enjoy a trail ride.  Cornett Ranch has 200 acres of trails, and Michael Cornett spent time this fall doing trail maintenance – mostly removing fallen branches – so the trails are clear and easy to follow.

 Being new to the trails, I took the opportunity to walk in the woods and see the lay of the land.   The woods were wonderfully quiet, except for that lovely sound of hoofs on the dry leaves, and without all the leaves on the trees I could easily see where I was going.    More energetic riders could go up and ride the ridge, but I took the easier trail that winds around to the south pastures.  

From here I could look down on the other horses in the paddocks, including my favorite little mule. 

"Skeeter" our little mule loves to see what is going on!
“Skeeter” our little mule loves to see what is going on!

“Skeeter” is the newest addition to the farm family, and I could see her big ears moving as she watched us walking the trail above her.

Come board at Cornett Ranch and you too can start finding your own Happy Trails!
















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